Emeel Coffee shop

Emeel coffee shop

Enjoy a cup of original Italian coffee and experience your most relaxing time at the Emeel coffee shop. It is suitable for a hotel guests’ business meetings. The coffee shop also features arts by Mongolian artists.



  • Italian coffee Lavazza
  • Delicious bakery & pastries
  • Shakes & smoothies 

Capacity:  25 people

Location: 1st Floor Lobby


What is Emeel?

Without horse, Mongolian unique way of life would have been totally impossible. Considered as the true and loyal fellow of men, the horse is admired by Mongolians so greatly that it's worshipped in the state emblem of Mongolia while it plays an important role in daily life of Mongolian nomads. As legendary horse riders well-known to the world, Mongolians developed their very own and unique saddle with higher pommel and cantle, short stirrups and distinct metal discs. Mongolian saddle, with its often elaborate fittings and ornaments and signals the status, social rank, origin and the wealth of the rider. The saddle design differs due to its purpose of use. The ancient design of Mongolian saddle was flat with wider and shorter pommel and cantle, which provided comfortable sitting at riding in long journey. The saddle design and construction was changed with higher and narrower pommel and cantle and larger saddle plates. The saddle pad is made of embroidered felt, side covers are made of embroidered leather and the stirrups of engraved cast steel, which becomes as an expensive. Simply, the saddle is the prestigious ornament of Mongolian men, even for an urban Mongolian to exalt it in their city home.

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