The Hotel offers various types of dining and wining opportunities of your choice. The fine food preparation by the chefs and meticulous services from the staff will create a noble and grand feast of gourmet cuisine.


Roof top terrace (Functioning only June-August)

Features:         Spectacular view of UB

Offers:             Fresh draft beer

                        Grill & barbeque  

Presents:         Open air cinema, arts studio

Capacity:         50-70 people

Location:         Roof top


Emeel Coffee shop

Enjoy a cup of original Italian coffee and experience your most relaxing time at the coffee shop. It is suitable for a hotel guests’ business meetings. The coffee shop also features arts by Mongolian artists.

Khadag restaurant

Elegantly decorated and full of modern Mongolian atmosphere, the restaurant presents modern Mongolian cuisine by Mongolian master chefs. In the soothing surrounding filled with music, you will experience both relaxation and pleasure. The authentic Italian

Toono lounge bar

With its unique design, structure and practical features, the yurt is still a popular habitation. The top element and the most respected part of the ger is the 'Toono', the crown wheel, which serves as the window to cast light and as a top roof ho
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