Toono lounge bar

‘Toono’ lounge bar  

Enjoy the spectacular view of Ulaanbaatar from the roof top terrace of the ‘Toono’ lounge bar which offers you fresh beer and variety of cocktails and fresh juices accompanied by art performances. 



  • Spectacular view of UB
  • Modern design

Offers: Fresh fruit juice & cocktails

Presents: Performance & themed arts evenings

Capacity: 50-70 people

Location: 13th Floor


What is Toono? 

With its unique design, structure and practical features, the yurt is still a popular habitation. The top element and the most respected part of the ger is the 'Toono', the crown wheel, which serves as the window to cast light and as a top roof hole release smoke. Toono is praised as:

'Bringer of the sun light

Irradiator of the fire light'.


It's mainly painted in bright yellow or orange as it symbolizes the sun. It's a taboo for Mongolian to step on toono and is carried on top of the load when the ger is collapsed during migration.

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