Khadag restaurant

‘Khadag’ restaurant  

Elegantly decorated and full of modern Mongolian atmosphere, the restaurant presents modern Mongolian cuisine by Mongolian master chefs. In the soothing surrounding filled with music, you will experience both relaxation and pleasure. The authentic Italian and Mongolian cuisine will promise you rich taste, fine presentation and delicious delight. 



  • Italian and Mongolian cuisine
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Meticulously selected special 'Tea menu'
  • Meticulously selected special 'Wine menu'

Capacity: 50-70 people

Location: 2nd Floor


What is Khadag?

Khata or Khadag in Mongolian pronunciation is a traditional ceremonial scarf in Buddhism. It originated in India and is widely used as an expression of worship and esteem. The khadag symbolizes the purity and compassion and is presented at many ceremonial occasions, including births, weddings, and the arrival or departure of guests. Made of silk, khadags are often tied to ovoos - sacred rock cairn, stupas, or trees and rocks and are of multiple colors, depending on their purpose of offering. In Mongolia, the most commonly used khatag is the blue, representing the Blue Sky - main worship of the Mongols, while the white symbolizes the purity and holiness, the yellow - the sun, the green - the earth and the red - the fire.

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